MLB player saves child from alligator! NOT!

Posted: February 22, 2009 by Steve Steurer in Posted by Steve Steurer

Spring training is only a week old, but we already have strong entry for baseball’s weirdest injury of the year. 

Well, kind of.   

Cleveland outfielder David Dellucci, our first contestant, would have no doubt clinched the award with the tale he told reporters on Saturday of how an alligator chomped his thumb while he was saving a child — if only it were true

 From the Associated Press: 

“Right before I came here,” Dellucci explained, “I was fishing on the side of my lake, and I heard a little boy screaming. I ran over there, and an alligator had him by the leg. I jumped on the gator, poked him in the eyes, freed the kid, but he [bit] me in my thumb. I got stitches, had surgery and the stitches will come out on Monday.”

 Dellucci had reporters sold on the story, but his conscience got the better of him and he broke the silence with a well-placed “just kidding.” Turns out Dellucci slammed his hand in a trailer tailgate before leaving his home in Louisiana and had to get three stitches that will cause him to miss the beginning of Cactus League play. 


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