UFC 95 Results/Spoilers

Posted: February 21, 2009 by cftv in Outside the Ville, Posted by Chris Kull
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Here are SPOILERS from the show that is airing live Saturday Afternoon in London and will be taped delayed on Spike later on tonight. This is a must watch show if you like finishes! .

1. Josh Koscheck got dropped in the first round by Paulo Thiago who gave Kos a 1-2 combo to the head with an uppercut and then a shot to the head. Kos thought the fight was started too early but I thought it was a decent stoppage since Kos tried to get back up and then kinda slumped back to the mat. Thiago didn’t really pounce so I guess Kos kinda had a complaint but I think the ref was looking out for his best interest. Kos has been really active since the fall. I am sure he will be back on one of the cards this summer for sure. Maybe they can have the 2 guys face off in a rematch on a PPV opener.

2. Chael Sonnan vs. Damian Maia is up next and it is over in 2:37 of the 1st round as Demian Maia just did some slick ass Jits by taking Sonnan down and then triangle choked the former WEC fighter out. Just an awesome 7 or so seconds of watching a guy know how to take someone down and then use perfect form to roll the guy into a triangle choke position.

3. Junior Del Santos and Stefan Strue. Del Santos TKO’ed Strue early in the first round in only 54 seconds. Del Santos used a flurry of punches to drop Strue who was the much taller of the two. Filler Heavyweight fight from the Prelims. This is why I avoid checking the Prelims as you never know when they will show a fight because earlier fights end in the main card end early.

4. Wilson Gouveia vs. Nate Marquardt. Marquardt won in 3:10 of the 3rd round by TKO over Gouveia. Marquardt won the first 2 rounds pretty handily. Marquardt finished him with a pretty sick combo involving a straight right hand, a flying knee, a high kick, a spinning punch, a regular punch, and another knee and he caused Gouveia to slump against the cage pretty bloodied up.

5. Terry Etim vs. Brian Cobb from another Prelim from earlier in the evening. Etim is a Englishmen who has been on a ton of the UFC shows from the UK over the past couple of years. Cobb is an American who took the fight on notice as Etim’s opponent that was scheduled had to pull his booking because of injury. Etim finish Cobb off in of the 2nd round with a headkick and a nice little combo to Cobb on the ground. Etim is only 23 years old and should be a fixture on the UK shows for a good long time. He always looks better every show out.

6. Dan Hardy vs. Rory Markham. Dan Hardy KO’ed Markham with a counterstrike and then followed it up with a nice shot on the fallen Markham to finish it.

This show is going to be AWESOME if UFC don’t cut this show up for the US Market and Spike which I could see as their seems like there are less commercials on this broadcast. The show is only at 1:40 in for a 3 hour TV Block and we have already seen 6 fights and are about to get another Prelim from earlier in the card.

7. Per Eklund vs Evan Dunham. This is another prelim from earlier in the night. Eklund is a Sweed and Dunham is from the PNW having trained out of Team Couture in Vegas. Dunham KO’edd Eklund in 2:14 of the 1st round with a straight left hand to the side of Eklund’s face. Dunham thanked his boxing coach Shawn Tompkins.

8. Diego Sanchez vs. Joe Stevenson in the Main Event of the evening. Sanchez won 29/28, 30/27, and 30/27 on a unanimous decision over Joe Daddy. I had it 30/27 as Joe didn’t do as much as Sanchez. Sanchez had at least 3 pretty solid punches that landed flush on Stevenson. Probably the least entertaining fight of the card and that is saying something since it was pretty good.

9 Paul Kelly vs. Troy Mandaloniz in another Prelim from earlier in the fight. Kelly beat the crap out of Mandaloniz in the first round with a bunch of killer shots to the body as well as the face. Just dominating him on feet. Pretty much the same thing in the 2nd round of Kelly just taking the fight to Mandaloniz. I hate how the refs are getting much quicker on the stand ups. I like the ground fighting. It didn’t seem like a stand up was necessary since they were banging it out on the ground. Kelly won on the judges scorecards : 30/27, 30/27, and 30/28. Is a 30/28 possible?

10. Neil Grove vs. Mike Ciesnolevicz in yet another Prelim fight ended 1:03 of the first round when Ciesnolevicz heel hooked Grove and tore his knee up when he popped it. Pretty smooth finisher for the debuting Ciesnolevicz in UFC in which he has compiled an 18-3 record fighting on smaller shows.

The UFC gave Damian Maia the Submission of the fight with the slick triangle which I agree with. They didn’t announce the KO of the night but I would have given it to Paulo Thiago but I could see it also going to a number of other guys.

Pretty sweet night of scraps!!!!

Also it was noted that two main events have been signed for this summer.  Rich “Ace” Franklin will be taking on Wanderlei Silva in a fight that will be a catchweight of 195lbs at UFC 99 from Cologne Germany.   UFC 100 will have Georges St. Pierre defending his Middleweight Title against Thiago Alves.   UFC is hoping to have a loaded up show for UFC 100 that is going to be coming from Vegas on July 11th.   I posted a video of some of Wanderlei’s best highlights over the years including some of his vicious headstomps and kicks which were legal in Japan which are illegal in UFC which uses the Unified Rules which don’t allow those things.


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