Johnson wins at Pebble Beach!

Posted: February 18, 2009 by joshsnider in Posted by Josh Snider, PGA Pro Oxmoor CC

And he didn’t hit a shot.  For his fantastic play over the three course he earned just over 1 million dollars for second tour win.  Tom Kite won $275K for his US Open win at Pebble Beach.  At least we got to see Ian Baker Finch & Gary McCord on Sunday.  Next up, Hogan’s Alley, Riviera CC located in what may be one of the wealthiest neighborhoods outside of Los Angles.  Another great golf course, having hosted both a PGA Championship & US Open, as well as the beginning of the TV love affair with Tiger Woods.  It was here that Tiger had a sponsor exemption as a 16 year old, his credentials were good, and although he missed the cut he showcased his ability to hit incredible shots.  Interesting note about this golf course, the greens are bentgrass & POA ANNUA greens.  Why the caps?  Poa Annua is a weed that grows daily & when not cut, especially here in Louisville, the green’s putting surface is not smooth.  I believe that Riviera will be rolling at about a 12 though………..


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