Pebble & The Elements

Posted: February 16, 2009 by Steve Steurer in Posted by Josh Snider, PGA Pro Oxmoor CC

Is Pebble Beach the BEST golf course in the United States?  Think of all the great shots that have been hit BEFORE tv was invented andthe historic moments in the United States Open from Nicklaus, Watson, Tiger & Tom Kite.  Yes Tom, you only won one major so you get to have a last name.   But the final roundthat Tom Kite recorded may have been one of the best ever played at Pebble.  Playing in conditions that included wind gust that was recorded today before play was canceled, minus the rain, Kite posted an even par score of 72 andtournament total of 3 under par for 72 holes & recorded his only major.  Pebble Beach brings the great equalizer in golf, the elements, that make even the best players in the world second guess themselves prior to playing a shot.  This golf course demands your attention andif you pay that much to play, you better be paying attention as every shot must be played with confidience.  I have always believed that the PGATour begins this week, withthis golf course on the final round, and tomorrow should be great tv.  The last Monday finish featured a highlight moment from Tiger in the year 2000 as he came 5 off the lead, including the eagle 2 on the 14th.  How do you think Dustin Johnson feels after sleeping on the lead for 2 nights?  I look for the kid to play well, he leads the field in driving distance and 2ndin greens in regulation (probably play lift, clean & place) but with major winners, Weir & Gossen & others who may be able to go out & post a score before the elements; again must see tv. 

I will keep you up to date with brief posts as the day goes on.

How about the love Kobe & Shaq had at the Allstar Game?!


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