Posted: February 13, 2009 by cftv in Outside the Ville, Posted by Chris Kull

I am going to run this idea up the flag pole and see if anyone salutes but I have gone ahead and C&P’ed the news and notes from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter on my blog for anyone here wants to read it and will do so weekly on the Blog that I started:

I figure I will try it  this way because of the size of the updates would cause a lot of good content to be pushed off the page that others are posting.  I haven’t decided what I will do with my own blog but I figure I can C&P all the news and notes for the week of MMA there and link it here so any MMAheads we have here who are interested in the sport of MMA or UFC a got a place to get the inside scoop of what is going on in MMA.   Dave has covered MMA in 1993 with the first UFC and has been documenting its history in the Wrestling Observer that he has been putting out for close to 30 years which is also the trade journal of Pro Wrestling.   I still consider myself a Pro Rrasslin Fan even though the current stuff hardly holds my interest but I still like following what is going through the Observer which I have subscribed to since 2003 and have issues dating back to 85 when it was printed on legal paper typed on a word processor.    Frank DeFord the famous sports writer wrote this about Dave Meltzer which is some of the best kudos you can get coming from someone revered as DeFord is in the sports writing world,  “Meltzer, I believe, is the most accomplished reporter in sports journalism.”

The last 2 weeks have had coverage of the fall out of the Georges St. Pierre vs BJ Penn fight with the Vaseline shenanigans from the fight I linked above as well as a great obit on Helio Gracie the Patriarch of the Gracie Family who just passed away.   Also covered is the purchase of Pro Elite by Strikeforce.  Pro Elite was the group that promoted Elite XC on CBS which featured Kimbo Slice as well as Gina Carano.  The UFC show I went to last weekend in Tampa and all the other news and notes of what has gone on in the World of MMA and UFC the past 2 weeks.

I will be doing MMA blogging  here leaving my thoughts on shows coming up as well as updates when news happens as I really enjoy the sport and it has earned its right to be covered in the same way all other sports are covered.  I realize MMA isn’t for everyone and that is why I used the buffett reference because at the buffett there are a ton of choices for people and if you don’t like something you can skip onto the garbenzo bean salad that looks really tasty with some honey mustard dressing if you find the fruit salad to look gross.

So go on over to and check out all the news and views in the World of MMA/UFC!!!!


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