US/Mexico World Cup Qualifier Thoughts

Posted: February 12, 2009 by cftv in Outside the Ville, Posted by Chris Kull

<p>Ahhhh yes here we are the United States is starting on the road to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa next summer and tonight we begin the journey against our most hated of rivals Mexico.  I am not a big guy in terms of dropping we or us for the teams that I pull for but when talking about International Competition I say let loose and put on your red, white and blue and lets get nutty for the US since if you are born and bleed America this is your team.   I am a huge UofM Sports fan and I have a hard time saying We or Us when talking about the football, hoops, or hockey team since I didn’t go to school in Ann Arbor.   I know its an issue of semantics but its just one of those things I don’t say but this is different because these guys are representing our country.</p>
<p>Anyway, like I said tonight is the 1st step in the US road to qualifying for the World Cup in which 3 teams from the CONCACAF Region in which we play in automatically make the field of 32 in the biggest sporting event in the world.   The US would need to go and have a disaster of all disasters qualification to miss out on the World Cup since we play in either the easiest or 2nd easiest Region in the world.</p>
<p>The US hasn’t missed out in playing in a World Cup since 1986 when the tournament was played in Mexico.  It was the US lack of making the tournament and hosting it that year that lead to the NASL which was the professional soccer league in the US to die when some of the leagues biggest finical supporters pulled out of the league because we lost out on the World Cup and it wasn’t till 1994 when the US hosted the games which was the most attended World Cup in terms of butts in seats that has ever played.  The US is looking to bid on 2018 or 2022 World Cup when bidding comes up and there is a good chance we will get it because we have the best infrastructure of pulling off such a huge event the easiest because of how many stadiums, hotels, and roads we have compared to the rest of the world.</p>
<p>Onto the game as I type this the 1st half just ended and the coaches kid Michael Bradley put the USA ahead 1-0 late in the 1st half on a corner kick that got knocked around the box by Landon Donavon and Gooch Onyewu before it found Bradley who buried the ball into the back of the net.   I am sure some people reading this think that soccer is boring and just don’t care about it but look at it this way the game of soccer is more entertaining and brings more joy to my life the last 9 years that I have been huge into it than being a Detroit Lions fan like myself.</p>
<p>The team that coach Bob Bradley assembled for this game features 12 players who ply their trade in Europe, 5 that play in the US, and 1 who plays in the Mexican League.  No doubt that Torres Jose Anthony who plays in the Mexican League will have urine filled balloons thrown at him the rest of his time in Mexico by opposing fans of his club team Pachuca because he choose to play for the US when he could have made the Mexican team because his parents are from Mexico and he grew up in Texas which might as well be Mexico North.</p>
<p>The team is lead by Landon Donavon who is owned by the LA Galaxy of the MLS but is on loan to the biggest club in Germany, Bayern Munich and is looking to sign a longer term deal as he is more ready to play in the German League than he was when he first went over as a kid where his game and especially his head just wasn’t ready to play in a league of that caliber with men who’s games and bodies were more ready than than Landy was at the time.  I came back to the US and worked on his game and got more mature and he is going to make another crack at Europe and I have to say he jumped into the biggest of the Oceans by choosing to play at Munich than any other clubs over on that side of the pond because they are the Yankees, USC, or Red Wings of Germany.</p>
<p>Our man between the sticks Tim Howard has shit damn piss motherfucker Tourettes Syndrome and is currently the starting goalie for Everton in England which is one of the 10 best clubs that plays in English Premiership.  He even played at Manchester United for a couple of seasons which is the biggest club in England and is arguably the most popular Sporting Franchises in the World.   Howard has been awesome for the US so far in this game and even managed to pick up a yellow card in a challenge which Mexico’s captain Rafael Marquez was sent off with a straight red card after he went studs up into Howards knee.   Marquez plays at Barcelona which along with Real Madrid is the biggest two teams in Spain and Marquez is the starting center back for their team of superstars.   Howard is following in the steps of other great US Keepers in Kasey Keller and Brad Friedel who currently holds the record in England for the most games in a row starting for his teams with over 150 games at least in a row without missing a league game.</p>
<p>Other players notable players on the US squad are Carlos Bocanegra who is a defender who plays his league football in France, Clint Dempsey who is an all time hero at Fulham because it was his goal a couple of seasons ago that saved the team from relegation (I’ll get to more into relegation as I develop this blog but let me say this there is no worse feeling in sports than having your team relegated to the lower division of the league you play for at the end of the season) on the last day of the season a couple of seasons ago that kept Fulham up and in playing in the Premiership the next season.</p>
<p>Another guy to watch that I made mention earlier in this blog is that of the coaches son Michael Bradley who plays in Germany after tearing up the Dutch league last year who just iced the game 2-0 for the US late in injury time for the victory over El Tres! A lot of people thought when Michael’s dad Bob choose him for the national team it was nepotism at it’s finest but Michael the last 2 years has busted down the doors in Europe where he scored nearly 20 goals for Heerenveen in Holland last year and is showing his ability now on the International Stage.</p>
<p>The USA’s next step in qualification is that they travel to the jungles of El Salvador in late March in a game that won’t be easy as the US are the ultimate villains wherever they travel to where fans will be loud and vile towards teh boys in the Red, White, and Blue.</p>
<p>While I don’t think there is any chance in Hades this team could win the World Cup but I think that the team can equal the run the 02 team went on where they barely got beat by Germany in the round of 8 in a game that the US almost won but Germany’s organization and especially talent won out that day.   I don’t think we will see the disaster that was World Cup 98 in which the team was 32 of 32 in terms of record and goal differential where if memory serves me even Iran beat us.</p>
<p>Johnny has asked me to blog so expect a blog filled with heaping piles of Jamband Music, MMA,  Futbol, as well a American sports and general entertainment  thoughts.  I am a self admitted  full on soccer honk and there is going to be posts about it where you roll your eyes and say damn that guy types a lot a sport I don’t get a spit about but my job here is to spread light and not to master.</p>


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