Simply put, Embarrassing…

Posted: February 12, 2009 by Bacon in Louisville Basketball, Posted by Larry Loobers

Louisville Notre Dame BasketballDefine embarrassing….To cause to feel self-conscious or ill at ease; disconcert. That is what Websters dictionary says it means.

Notre Dame went into their game tonight against the Louisville Cardinals, losing 7 straight games. Louisville came into the game coming off a road win that they didn’t deserve. You want to know what happens when a desperate hungry team hosts a cocky complacent team…you get a 90-57 final.

From the opening tip Notre Dame owned this game, jumping to an early 19-4 lead that they would never let go. The Irish led 37-19 at the half and had 24 rebounds as a team at halftime. The Cards finished the entire game with just 25 rebounds.Louisville Notre Dame Basketball

Louisville for the third straight game looked like they had know idea how to run their offense and allowed the other team to control the tempo.  The Cards let Notre Dame score at will, playing defence that would make the Washington Generals look like the a Don Chaney unit.

As usual Luke Harangody scored at will, as he always does, putting up 32 points and 17 rebounds. Nearly beating the Cards by himself and why not, he played 35 minutes in a game decided with 10 minutes to go.

Notre Dames bench contributed just 2 points but that shouldn’t surprise anyone, everyone knows the Irish’s bench is  thinner then Kate Moss. But before I start to say what bothered me about the way the Cards played (I have a lot to say about that) I have to get something off my chest about Mike Brey.

Louisville Notre Dame BasketballBrey, you have been an underachiever at Notre Dame your entire career. You should have been fired 3 years ago because lets not sugar coat it…you suck as a head coach. Notre Dame never fires anyone, hell Digger Phelps kept his job for 20 years all because he won one game against UCLA in 1972. So a piece of advice Brey….stop trying to dress like a poor-mans John Gotti and don’t start stuff you can’t finish. I know your team needed a win but their was no reason to leave your starting line up in the game with less then a minute to play up 30 points. You showed no class….you made Bobby Petrino look like a Mother Teresa tonight. It isn’t smart to tick off Pitino(especially since he has owned you like everyone else has), you may have just wrote a check your career won’t last long enough to cash.

Now on to the Cards….ever since the second half of the West Virginia game, Louisville Notre Dame BasketballLouisville has been the laziest offensive unit in the Big East. Tonight they were just as bad defensively. The Cards were a step behind the Irish in the half court as well as the press. Louisville has to win the guard battle to win and the last three games Louisville’s guards have disappeared. Andre McGee went from a hard noised on ball defender to a wanna be Kobe Bryant, taking forced shots and step back shots, why I have no idea. Preston has never turned down a shot and that hasn’t changed but what has is his ball hawking attitude. The last two games he stayed in front of opposing ball handlers as good as I could (I am 6 foot 3 and clock in at 270 pounds).

Jerry Smith coming off his best offensive game against St. John’s went back to his old ways, settling for long jump shots only. Taking 6 shots (5 of them from behind the arc) and only going to the free throw line twice.

Terrence Williams who went 0-7 against the Red Storm started this game 0-5 before finally hitting a lay up, finishing 2-9 overall from the field. Not all of Williams shots were bad choices but he has hit a slight wall and I don’t know if the Cards can survive until he gets over his little slump.

Samardo played as good as he could but was held to just 17 minutes due to foul trouble. Without Samuels in the line up and with Williams in a slump, that equals 39% shooting as a team and a 33 point road loss.

Earl Clark didn’t look as bad as he did against UCONN, scoring 11 points (on 13 shot attempts) and grabbed 10 rebounds but you can nick name him Casper because when he is needed the most he is a ghost no where to be found. Putting up his numbers when the game was out of reach.

Louisville Notre Dame BasketballDePaul, who the Cards host next on Sunday (2/15) couldn’t come soon enough. The Blue Demons are the worst team in the Big EAST and Louisville needs to get the taste of the last three games out of their mouth.


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