Hot DAMN this is a GRATE performance!

Posted: February 12, 2009 by cftv in Outside the Ville, Posted by Chris Kull

Okay, I probably fooled you with the GRATE in the header of this post but I just wanted to share this awesome performance from Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton doing Islands in the Stream.

What a Performance!!!

Sure there was some flubs in it but they delivered it with heart and soul and that is the real thing that makes this performance so entertaining.

I am sure this song is out of a lot of people who read this wheelhouse of music but for me I equate this to riding around in the car with my mom as a kid and brings back awesome memories of sharing tunes with my mom as cheesy as they may be with anyone today.

So transport into a time machine when Dolly’s boobs were two of the most talked about topics of the day. Could you imagine the type of hits she would have been getting on google about those knockers if the internet was around back then. And as for a chuckle check out which is a really funny site that parodies all of the f aux Kenny’s that are out and about. I don’t know how many times in life I have seen guys walking around who look like Kenny Rogers who has the ultimate I have seen that guys face before face

Cheesey, corny, and cool videos are always accepted and encouraged in the comment sections.



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