Brohm Gets Raw End of the Deal

Posted: February 11, 2009 by robjoneslyes in Freak Stuff, Posted by Rob Jones

As I’m assuming most of you local sports fans that aren’t living under a rock knew already, Louisville legend Jeff Brohm has been replaced as the Cardinal offensive coordinator next season. Coach Krag said Brohm was given the option of staying in a non-coaching capacity. Rumors that he was offered the head groundskeeper job have not been confirmed.

Brohm is a legacy in Louisville and has showed ridiculous amounts of loyalty to he school over the past 15 years. Out of high school, Jeff like his brother Brian could have hand-picked what school he attended, instead deciding to become much more than just a football player. He became an honorary son of the city by deciding to stay just as his brother did 10 years later. Before last season, Brohm turned down an offer to become Nick Saban’s coordinator at Alabama due to his loyalty. What Krag and Jurich have done to that legacy is reprehensible beyond belief. Ask Denny Crum how loyal Jurich is.

Since the replacement has been announced, it has come to light that Brohm was relieved of his duties after the poor offensive performance against Kentucky. Anyone who watched that game saw that the Cards were in it until about 7 minutes to go. Then Hunter Cantwell decided to play target practice with the UK defense. I guess Krag decided it was the play-calling that gift-wrapped 3 4th quarter INT’s from his QB leading to 2 UK TD’s. Also, a few weeks later the Cards looked to be back on track after beating K-State. Come to find out, Krag was absent all week due to illness and was communicating with his coaching staff through text messaging (possibly to mask the fact he wasn’t sick/ I’m sick right now and I’m still at a job that pays a lot less than his does). The Cards went on to put on their best overall performance of the year against a great QB. Thirdly, I have been told he mood of the players on the flight home from Rutgers (a game where the Cards should have been forced to walk home) was as upbeat and joyful as any Petrino victory. I guess that a guy who has more pride than all of the other coaches combined was the reason for the madness. Not the coach who has brought nothing but heartache to Cardinal fans for over two years.

The consensus is that the one good thing to come out of this is the burden of the squad rests solely on the shoulders of Krag this season. He will be calling his own plays, coaching his own players, and hopefully blaming his own self for mistakes. I don’t know if this bodes well for the success of the team next year, but people (most notably Tom Jurich) won’t be able to place blame on lack of recruits or the previous regime if what is expected happens: the Cards miss a bowl for the 3rd straight year. I don’t know what Krag has done to deserve this honor. I do know that he has no one else to blame anymore.

The bottom line is Tom Jurich and Steve Kragthorpe have turned what was one of the rising programs in the country into the laughingstock of college football. 3 offensive coordinators in less than 3 years, 4 defensive coordinators in the same time. 1 AD who says the fans have too high of expectations and 1 coach that is in over his head. Doesn’t really add up.


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