First Half Breakdown

Posted: February 8, 2009 by Bacon in Posted by Larry Loobers

I started to have a bad feeling about this game last night after breaking down the St Johns and watching a couple of their games. I saw a more talented team then their record had shown. But that is no reason why the Cards should be trailing in this game this early and often. Three fast stats for you… 

1) 0-9 from behind the arc, 5 of them were at least good looks.

 2) 24, as in 24 first half rebounds by St. John’s. That is inexcusable, especially when 10 of those are offensive rebounds. Louisville on the other hand has 1 offensive rebound. 

3) Well 3…as in only 3 Red Storm turnovers. Louisville’s best offense comes from their ability to speed teams up and score off turnovers.

Sosa is starting to get that look in his eye that he really wants to make this a one-one game with him and Boothe. Louisville can not win on the road if he does.

The Cards are playing their normally solid half court defense and have shown some better movement in the half court offense but some shots just aren’t going down. I like the idea of going to the high post early and the consistent attempts to attack the paint with Samuels and even Jennings. I also like that I have seen Jerry Smith at least try to take it to the rim.

I’ll be back after the game with a full recap.


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