Back in the day…

Posted: February 7, 2009 by Bacon in Posted by Larry Loobers

I miss the days of Sega and plain old nintendo. All the new stuff is cool but nothing will beat the crappy by todays standards graphics of Tecmo Bowl and Coach K basketball.

  1. cftv says:

    Me and my buddy tried to play a season of Coach K. My buddy is a real stats geek and he interfaced a spreadsheet of all the teams rosters to his computer at the time. What was sweet was that the Athlon College Hoops Magazine that year had all of the matching numbers as well as heights and weights for the players from the magazine to the game so it was easy to figure out who was who. We would play that forever and even played it on his college visit that I went along with him and his parents to the University of Dayton where he graduated college from. I don’t know if he has the disc still but I know he has carried around the spreadsheets of the games we have played with the stats and such and still has a Genesis and the game. One day we will get together and finish the season. There was like 32 teams in the game at least and we played like only 8 weeks of the schedule that he mapped out that made sense at the time.

    Our dream was to challenge as kids growing up in Detroit was to play Chris Webber and Jalen Rose to some video game hoop action. I am pretty sure the game was based on the 93-94 College Hoop Season which was around the time where college hoops was at the apex of my sports interest in that game was one of the reasons why!

    I still have nightmares of Bill Jones who was like the Chiefs 3rd or 4th string running back on Super Techmo Bowl behind Christian Okoye tearing me up for over 200 yards. Okoye was injured and Bill Jones was superman that day in one of those great video game moments that over 15 years later still is brought up among me my buddy when we hang out and play video games. That one and the one where he was beating me at the end of the game and Bruce Smith on the last play of the game caused his QB to fumble and I took it back to the house for the win!

    All these new systems on the marketplace and all I have is a PS2 that is turned on maybe 3 times a year when I am in the mood to play FIFA.

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