Here is why the Cats lost to M.S.U.

Posted: February 4, 2009 by John Renshaw in Freak Stuff

Even  if the Cats would have brought their – A – game, they would have lost. Mississippi State’s three point shooting was just plain freaky. I have never seen a team hit more -long- threes, on a deadly consistent basis, than State did last night. But that is no excuse for how the Cats are playing or how they are being coached or not coached.

Billy G should be embarrassed to call him self a head coach today. The Cats got State’s only big guy, Jarvis Varnardo,into foul trouble with  17 mins left in the game. The insane shot blocker committed his third foul with over 17 left, and Billy did not instruct his team to pound the ball inside, to get his 4th. I have been watching college basketball since 1974, and last nights game plan , or lack their of was one of the worst i have ever seene implemented, or not.

Everyone knew State had the best 3 point shooter in America, so maybe, just maybe guard him a little tighter boys. Everyone knew that State started 4 guards and the shot blocker,, so maybe just maybe,, pound the ball inside.

Booed off the court at halftime, incapable of guarding guards, KENTUCKY players frightened to shoot the ball on their home floor, and a verbal blow out free for all after the game.

The last 9 games of the regular season are going to be very interesting indeed


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