Billy Clyde should give Tubby a call!

Posted: February 4, 2009 by Bacon in Kentucky Basketball, Posted by Larry Loobers

Two weeks ago UK fans were calling for the heads of all top 25 voters to roll, winning 11 of 12 games and starting 5-0 in the SEC but getting no love in the polls. How quick can things turn around. Kentucky has since lost 3 straight games, are back on a bubble and the “Big Blue” are now starting to question the abilities of coach Billy Gillispie and already wondering if it’s time for a change. If anyone knows this problem better then anyone it is Tubby Smith. Tubby’s resume at UK would have got him statues made of him at most schools across the country but not at UK. Everyone who has ever watched CBB knows the SEC is weak this year and they all know that Kentucky only has two players, which is two more then IU, so if you as a fan thought the Cats were going to go undefeated in Conference then you need to share what your smoking. Don’t get me wrong, losing three in a row is a good reason to out your hand on the “panic button” but it is no reason to over react. This team was expected to improve from last season and was thought to lose at least 10 games. This team is looking like it is on that path. With Florida twice, and road games at Arkansas, Vandy and South Carolina and home games against Tenn., LSU, and Georgia. You (UK fans) should be happy to come away from that stretch with a 5-3 record. If you were to tell me UK would finish the regular season with a 21-10 record I would tell you that Gillispie did a good job…..on that note, I am not the biggest fan of Dick Vitale but he speaks the truth in this clip following Tubby leaving UK. It was made by a UK fan with stuff added that just makes Vitale look right and Cats fans look bad.


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