Chris Kulls’ View from outside The Ville

Posted: February 2, 2009 by John Renshaw in Freak Stuff

A View from Ouside the Ville

Well this is my first foray into the world of blogging.  I have participated in lots of messageboards over the years but never have I had one place where I could put down all of my thoughts as well as share things that I think I might find cool that you will find cool as well.

Just a bit of history about myself.  I am 32 and live in lovely Palm Harbor, Florida which is just north of Clearwater and is cloe to Tampa.   I moved down here about 6 years ago from the Metro Detroit area where I grew up.  The reason why I call this blog the VIew Outside the Ville is that the city in Michigan I grew up is named Northville and one of my first message board handles was Chris From the Ville.  

Now I have never been to Lousiville and have driven through Kentucky a few times.  I am a big time sports fan and have mad respect for Kentucky Hoops and what a solid program the Cards are have been over the years with times of great success like in basketbal to highs and some lows in footbal.    Being from Michigan I still think about the Final Four game when Michigan Beat Kentucky where they ended up losing to UNC in the Final.  That said Cat fans have the last laugh because if you look in the record books that game has a giant L on the ledger because Chris Webber was getting paid by Ed Martin who was a auto factory worker who ran numbers with his co-workes doing a lottery scheme and became too close to the Michigan program bring it down because Steve Fisher had Martin on the tickets list.  Webber got about 250k from Martin over the years even though he was made out to be a broke college kid by Mitch Albom in his book about the Fab Five.  Anyway that is something Kentucky can hold over Michigan’s head because even though they lost on the court they won in the record books.  Normaly I would try to find a video but nothing came up on youtube.

People from Lansing know all about John L Smith where the L became know for Lansing before it was changed to Lansing.  He had these two great youtube moments of all sports time whe he was in Lousiville. 

Here is a video that summed up the John L Smith Years in E. Lansing:

As well as the audio from when his team blew a FG late in the 1st half that got blocked and got taken back for 6 and his reaction:

For S&G’s here is thec classic JLS slapping himself in face for his crummy coaching mistake during a press conference:    I wish I had the whole post game pressser but that is the best that I can find really quickly.

I have mad respect for RickY P pulling out the white suits as not many people can pull it off and he does.  It stil breaks my heart that my Wolverines didn’t back the brinks truck up to him when he was available and they choose the cheaper option of Tommy Ammaker who had NIT success but in the grand scehme of things that means jack squat.  Of course the Petino’s love of Kentucky a long with the more money that Louisville offered were the reason he choose Louisvulle over Michigan as well as Michigan coming off probation for the Ed Martin affair where such stalwarts Chris Webber, Louis Bulllock, Maurice Taylor, and Robert Traylor were given money by Martin during Fishers reign in Ann Arbor.   Probation sucks and Michigan is just getting out of what the probabation set them back.   Anyway I love Ricky P and while I wish he would have ended up in Ann Arbor Louisville has always been cool with me since Dr. Dunkenstein.   Also if someone wants to comment in this blog and show me some classic Lousiville or Kentucky Hoop action videos do it as I love classice videos and I think it can bring up interesting disucssion when we can look back with a clear head and discuss how games went down.  

The reason why I choose to do a blog is because of Renshaw.  John was one of the 1st sports radio talk show hosts I heard back in 1993 when he was doing shows out in Vegas where I would pick his show up on AM 800 out of Windsor Canada when they didn’t air Windsor Spitfire Junior Hockey Games, Toronto Maple Leafs, or Toronto Bue Jay games on nighs when tghe Tigers or the Red Wings weren’t broadcasted.   I was just becoming a Deadhead and here was this dude rocking out Mexicalli Blues as he is closing out the show.  It was a match made in heaven for a 16 year old geeky sports fan.    I have followed John and listened to shows when I could as he never really got a great clearence in Detroit in the day but could be heard in the overnight hours.   I had a job where I didn’t need to go untl later so I would stream his show out of KC before he ended up in Louisville with a few stops in between.

Now with the world of blogs I feel like I have a place where I can post about sports, entertainment, news, and music.   Like I said I am 32 years old and I am really into jam band music so when the Dead and Phish hit the road this the place your going to want to check out for links to the audo of the shows for download or stream and even video with whatever I can find on yotube.   I also will do some blogging on sports that don’t get much run by everyone in MMA and European Soccer.    Of course there will be American sports takes and links but this is also a place where I want to put stuff out there about soccer and MMA both of which are sports that are growing in our country.  While they will never break the big 4, surpass hoops  and football, golf, or race car driving they are sports that have constant storylines and should get a bit of coverage.  

I will post some thoughts on what happend last night during the UFC 94 show later on today hopefully with video of the fights along with some analsys of what is going on in the English Premiership as things heat up in the most popular league in the world.  As well as the Super Bowl.   

I have a passion and it comes out in my writing and thoughts and I look forward to using this space as a place to share sports and musice and thoughts with all of you so as soemoene maybe Assmochio used to say, “Stick and Stay.”

On that note note have some Grateful Dead doing some Shakedown Street from Germany in the 1980’s!


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