The Freak’s – Cards / WVU Blog Part 4

Posted: January 31, 2009 by John Renshaw in Freak Stuff

35-19 cards,,jennings 10 points!! 4-4 from floor, 3:57 left in first half—cards 10-11 on last 11 shots,, no bucket for Wvu in over 9 minutes—37-19 smith free throws— ebanks almost monster dunk,, butler finall scores, cards play man for first time,, back cut 4 jerry 39-21 cards, ANOTHER steal off of press and foul unreal–  t willams misses 2 ft’s….2:00 left…jerry 3!!!   14 points for him, 42-23 cards—this game looks like its over– i dont see how wvu is going to be able to score—their offense looks horrible, and the cards are playing great d….jerry ANOTHER 3—-18 POINTS  for jerry,,,18 points for jerry in first half!!!!!!!  he avgs 6.5ppg,,, 45-23 1 minute to play..will scott in game– lol–enjoy oxford….where he will study master chineese studies,,,     45-25 at half time,,,wvu held uk to 14 points in first half–ul has 45  wow—and earl on has 2, and tw only has 3…if it stays a blowout,,i might call it a day on the blooging—but i know u love my work ethic on my off day–just wish i could blog as often and as well as dave and scott


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