The Freak’s – Cards / WVU Blog Part 3

Posted: January 31, 2009 by John Renshaw in Freak Stuff

25–13,,, 7::53to go ….to good announcers in gleason and kelly—-and least they arnt jack offs….2 Ruofffree throws,,,,Samuels back in–jennings standing ovation—clark gets his firts bucket 27-15 cards….andree big drive, left hand  29-15,,wvu cant make A shot—cards defense is rushing them into bad shots every time…11 wvo tornovers, 9 for the cards—wvu starting to get in a little foul trouble—Samuels makes 2 ft’s   31-15 cards—another turnover after press–samuels easy two down low—33-15…cards lots of blocked shots and deflections as always,,,,,,both teams in the bonus 5:22 left,,,Cards 33– wvu  17,,,,,,,cards 10th turnover followed by wvus 13th…. delk scores!!   35-17,,,,samuels 2nd foul,,,par for the course for him,,11 3’s in first half foe ND who is up big on pitt at half time…..goode misses a point blank dunk—-under 4 timeout–35-19 cards..

  1. Joey says:

    I am expecting WVU to make a run,but this is SWEET!

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