The Freak’s – Cards / WVU Blog Part 2

Posted: January 31, 2009 by John Renshaw in Freak Stuff

t willims mid range jumper nice–12-12….jerry smith back door from earl  14-12 cards,,,9-2 run cards,,,wvu another turnover on press……T Jennings , a low post catch, moster dunk and foul!!! bricks free throw,,, another wvu turnover on press and another Jennings dunk!!!  13-2 card run, they are up 18-12…..Jennings hits a jump hook, but he is called for travel,,,,,another tornover on press– a 3 from andree cards up 21-13!!!  16-3 cards run—wvu cant handle press at all..  Butler brick—cant remember the last time wvu scored—another bad pass by earl clark….jennings monster block–runs floor and gets fouled–samardo not playing at all—crowd cheers loud for jennings 2 free throw makes,,,20-3 card run, jennings has 10—25 -13—this is THE TERRANCE JENNINGS COMING OUT PARTY


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