The Freak’s – CARDS / WVU Blog Part 1

Posted: January 31, 2009 by John Renshaw in Freak Stuff

FIRST HALF—–jerry puts cards up with an early 3…..heye those pregame shots of T Willtiams, warming up in too tight underarmour………..i HATE Bob Huggins…….Nice sweater vest Slick Rick…5-0 cards, who are very active on press,,,,..Samuels gets yet ANOTHER shot blocked,,,he is not tall enough to take CARDS all the way– 5-4-cards,,,,,sosa rejected….bad tunronover by ul and TW on inbounds pass….wvu–getting loose balls and offensive rebs…..5-4 cards  still–16:19 first half……6-4 wvu, Samuels goaltended Ebanks.. Cards 1-6- Wvu–2-5 shooting….It is 20-12 notre dame over pitt, 12:37 first half–must win for Irish…… 10 -0 wvu run  10-5—cards 1-8 from floor and and offensive foul on cards,,   8 minutes no buckets for cards till a 3 for sosa, who then commits a foul right after the 3… get a turnover on press, sosa brick, cards steal,,but another card turnover on the break,,,,another cards steal, turnover and steal, unreal…10-8-wvu  13:00 left…..4 straight turnovers fow wvu,,Tjenningings another offenseive stick back….crowd is alive but ruuof silinces them,,,12-10 wvu, 5 second calls on louisville—8 cards turnovers,,,12-10 wvu—11:44 left,,, what a SLOPPY, UGLY START… great defense by both teams

  1. Joey says:

    T.Jennings is the man,Freak!

  2. Joey says:

    In his face,Johnny!!

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