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I want Tubby to be our new coach at MARYLAND.  He is from Maryland, and we need to get  him, before BAMA. …it looks like they are definitly going to fire Gary Williams , maybe any day now–crazy, he goes to back to back final fours and wins a national champioship in 2002,   and he recruited nothing!!!  are you not supposed to get 5 years of awesome recruits after back to back final fours????    Bob Huggins has done a great job of teaching this team how to play. West Virginia runs really good offense with Huggins’ “cut and fill” motion, and the main weapons for the Mountaineers are Da’Sean Butler (24 ppg over his last four games) and Alex Ruoff (16.2 ppg). Butler plays his tail off on every possession and has great footwork. Ruoff is the Mountaineers’ most efficient player and has to make perimeter shots for West Virginia to win. WVU is a very solid defensive team, and the Mountaineers’ defense is better than the Louisville offense. The question is whether the Louisville D can carry the day. West Virginia is athletic and very long-armed, and has the horses to match up well with Louisville. Guard Joe Mazzulla has not been back since a shoulder injury (suffered against Ole Miss) caused him to leave the game against Davidson. Mazzulla’s presence would be very helpful against the pressure of Louisville. West Virginia has not shot the ball well in league play, and has had problems rebounding with some of the bigger Big East teams. Watch for long and athletic freshman Devin Ebanks, who can really rebound for West Virginia and should get some easy ones at the end of the press. Louisville is the best defensive team in the Big East, and one of the top five defensive teams in the country. The Cardinals press full court, and the press can speed you up and wear you down over the course of a game. Louisville will trap the ball handlers and make them give it up, then speed up non-handlers while denying everyone else and making the non-handler turn it over. Even when the Cards don’t force a turnover, they often force a quick shot, which is just as devastating. Once back in half-court defense, Louisville plays an active and extended 2-3 matchup zone that gets deflections and steals, and can be difficult for an opposing team to figure out. On the offensive end, U of L can lift up your defense and runs a ton of backscreens and basket cuts, ballscreens and slips, and quick post-ups. Louisville is not a great shooting team but finds a way to get points on the board. Freshman Samardo Samuels is starting to post, seal and finish stronger, and he is starting to play more above the rim, a real emphasis of Rick Pitino’s.


Matchup to Watch: Da’Sean Butler vs. Terrence Williams.
There is not a better all-around player in the Big East than Terrence Williams, and only Arizona State’s James Harden is in Williams’ class as an all-around player. He can do everything but shoot lights-out. Williams averages over 13.1 points, 9.3 rebounds, 4.7 assists and 2.5 steals. While Williams does not shoot great percentages, he affects the game in every positive way a player can. In Big East games, he is averaging 14.4 points, 10.3 rebounds, 4.7 assists and is second in the Big East with over 2 steals per game. Butler is the toughest player on the West Virginia roster, and he has to be productive against Louisville. He averages over 17 points and 6 rebounds per game, and needs to be as good as he has been lately for the Mountaineers to win.

Stat to Track: Deflections. Louisville tracks deflections as a key indicator of how hard and effectively it is guarding. If the Cards get 35 or more deflections, they feel confident they can win.

X-Factors: Preston Knowles and Andre McGee. Williams and Earl Clark are the playmaking forwards for Louisville, but the energy of this team comes from Knowles and McGee. Both players have big impacts on the game when they come in off the bench, and they change the energy of the game with their defense. McGee and Knowles get right into the ball handler and pressure the ball, and they can change the tempo and tenor of the game when they come in.

The Winner: Louisville will travel to West Virginia on the last weekend of the regular season, and “College GameDay” will be in Morgantown. But this game is in Freedom Hall, and Louisville is much tougher at home than on the road. With Louisville’s press, the Cardinals are in the best position to win. I like Louisville in this one, and I like Louisville to get to Detroit– thanks to Jay Bilas for the break down above………the following is a blog about BILLY CLYDE that i saw on line–

It’s no secret to University of Kentucky (UK) fans in Lexington, Ky., that men’s basketball coach Billy Gillespie’s favorite pastime is pickling… himself.  He’s a real dilly!

Gillespie has a drinking problem.  And the UK Athletic Department and alumni are well aware of it.  But what’s a school to do when it managed to run off Coach Tubby Smith — one of the top coaches in the country who averaged 26 wins per year during his 10 years at Kentucky?

Tuesday night, Kentucky is battling Ole Miss at Ole Miss.  The Wildcats trailed for much of the first half.  Kentucky’s leading scorer Jodie Meeks is being shut down by a special box-and-one defense — holding him to 8 points from the freethrow line and no field goals in the first half.

During a halftime interview with an ESPN reporter who asked him what he planned to do to get Jodie Meeks more involved in the offense in the second half, Coach Billy Gillespie got real chippy with the reporter, stating “This is not a one-man team…  This is a good team… everything is not centered around one player…”

He was actually bothered by the question… as if Kentucky doesn’t need Jodie Meeks’ gabillion points per game to be successful.  Yeah… right.

What was he drinking before the game?  It sure wasn’t Gatorade.

Billy Gillespie is a drunk.  And it was painfully obvious that he was full of IT Tuesday night.

What should have been a routine answer to an obvious question, turned out to be a telltale drunken stumble for Gillespie during a nationally-televised sobriety test.

Hell, yeah… Kentucky needed to figure up something at halftime to free Jodie Meeks up to get involved in its offense.

That’s what coaches are supposed to say when they’re asked questions like that.  And that’s what coaches get paid to do at halftime… figure stuff out.

Jodie is not just the Wildcats’ leading scorer, but he is the leading scorer in the entire Southeastern Conference (SEC)… the third leading scorer in the nation… a candidate for NCAA Player of the Year!

What coach would not want to figure out how to get a player of that caliber into their offense?

Where else did Gillespie plan to get Jodie’s 26.1 points against Ole Miss… from turnover-proned freshman backup point guard Deandre Liggins — who had almost as many turnovers (3) as he had assists (4), while shooting 3-16 from the field for 8 points?  Or from the two starters he benched in the first half, point guard Michael Porter (6 minutes) and forward Ramon Harris (9 minutes)? Or from center Patrick Patterson (nursing a finger injury) who (along with Meeks) already shoulders a great portion of the team’s scoring, averaging 18 points per game?

The answer was painfully obvious by game’s end.  NOWHERE!  No one filled Jodie’s shoes.

Even though Jodie Meeks managed to score 21 points (10-10 from the charity stripe), Gillespie never figured out how to work Jodie free to get open looks against Ole Miss’ box-and-one.

The only plays Gillespie TRIED to run for Jodie required him to run around the full halfcourt from the top of the key to try to outrun his defender to get open on the opposite wing… only to realize that the box-and-one quickly became a triangle-and-two to double-team Jodie.

There were no high post picks… no nothing… just a drunken look on Gillespie’s face when Ole Miss — minus three of their key starters — sent in their bench-warmers for the bench-warmers who had put the game out of reach of Gillespie’s 25th-ranked Wildcats.

Now, if that ain’t a good reason for Kentucky fans to tie one on, what is?

Kentucky needs to admit that they made a mistake when they hired Gillespie… and get rid of him.  The players deserve better than having to tolerate a drunken tyrant… a drunken bum.

Only a bum would minimize the value of one of his premier players… a player who is currently considered to be a candidate for NCAA Player of the Year.  And only a drunk would do it on national TV.

While Gillespie is turning bottoms-up… the UK Athletic Department should be kicking his bottom out.

Now… I’ll drink to that!

  1. dude says:

    You ripped all of that info about Louisville vs WVU from a Jay Bilas breakdown:

  2. John Renshaw says:

    bullshit read the fricking thing and you will see that i credited bilas–so kiss my ass

  3. John Renshaw says:

    you are a jack off

  4. […] Kentucky’s leading scorer Jodie Meeks is being shut down by a special box-and-one defense — holding him to 8 points from the freethrow line and no field goals in the first half. During a halftime interview with an ESPN reporter who …$anchor_text[$anchor_choice] […]

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