Posted: January 28, 2009 by John Renshaw in Freak Stuff

Sorry i have been missing in action for a couple of days. The TV show, and weather have made things crazy……Give me your feed back on the TV show—bad and good—–Cats lost last night to OLE MISS,,who was missing 3 starters. You know why the CATS lost. Simple, they were not ready to play. It was some of the most pathetic defense i have ever seen a BILLY CLYDE TEAM play–  i;m not mad at Meeks for having an off offensive night, but his defense was A JOKE. everyone blew right by him , and Huertas shot threes in his face all second half. MILLER and LIGGINS  are a joke– they might get better this year, but they suck right now, right? Where is Josh, or Galloway?  As u know i love BILLY CLYDE, but he is wrong- HE NEED A THIRD SCORER……..The duke- wake game tonight will be insane. It will be the best atmosphere in college basketball this year. And unless Duke stays red hot from three, WAKE- the best team in America will rock them


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