Posted: January 26, 2009 by John Renshaw in Freak Stuff

Tonight is the big night. Are you nervous? You should be! My face might be the last thing your wife sees everynight………..I am watching so many old CARDS, and CATS games today. I am on Auburn at UK now.  I have like every game saved on dvr– so i got that going for me, which is nice……How weired it is going to be to go to work at 11:30!!  my first radio job in Chicago, was from 11:pm – 3:am…total vampire,, sleeping till 2 pm, kidnapping homeless people,,addicted to puppets blood— so i guess nothing is really going to change. ……I had 15,ooo bucks saved from working at 93.9,,, but I spent 20,000 on plastic surgery 4 TV,,


so I’m little in the hole. That’s what she said…I’ll check back soon,,, got to go pick up the kids from daycare.

  1. bjintheville says:

    Good first show. You didn’t look nervous at all.

    Btw, you got screwed on the plastic surgery.

    Love ya,


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