Posted: January 25, 2009 by John Renshaw in Freak Stuff

Just a little test drive here, and a big hello! I will be blogging all day and all night, every day and every night. The FREAKSHOW starts Monday night on TV at 11:30pm – 12:30 am. It is on every night Monday thru Friday, on the CW, channel 7 on Insight. We have 6 phone lines, rapid fire, highlights, guests, your calls and alot more. I just want to hear rabid college basketball fans on the air for the next two months. Are you ready to rock and roll? Hopefully u will be able to watch the show live , and on demand , for free, at www.louisvillesportsbuzz.com

Can’t believe the Cards are undefeated in the toughest confrence in America. Can’t believe that the Cats have a decent chance at going undefeated in the putrid SEC. Can’t believe the Hoosiers lost another heartbreaker today vs the Gophers.

How about my favorite team, the Terps losing to Duke by 41 on Saturday. So, no matter how bad your day or weekend was, mine was worse.

Iam excited to watch the SAG awards tonight. i have always dug movie and tv award shows.Why has the Office never won a Golden Globe? I’ll be rooting hard for Mad Men tonight. My new favorite TV show is also on HBO tonight, Flight of the Conchords!!!

I finally watched JUNO today. I liked it ,but did not love it. Nothing really happened in the flick, but the quirky relationship between Ellen Page and Jason Batemen, made it worth watching

I am watching Ohio State and Michigan State right now,, and WVU vs PITT on pay per view. Are u telling me Verne Ludquist, and Clark Kellog are the best annoncers that CBS could come up with.. What a joke. As big of a JERK that Billy Packer was and is,, he is Still better than Kellog.

Well I hope your not a big fan of spelling or grammer,,, but I’ll get it down. I’ll post my email adrees here soon. Hit me up on facebook for sure, and keep checking back right here for my blog on www.louisvillesportsbuzz.com. I hope you can tune into the show or watch it on line. Let’s have a great run to march maddness and our second annual Mexican March Maddness Margarita Mele at ERNESTOS, on the first thursday and friday of the Big Dance. Stay tuned for details on our Massive Super Bowl Party—Then we will flow into Opening Day in baseball, The Masters, The Nfl Draft, and of course The Derby. Be cool– THE FREAK,JOHN RENSHAW

  1. Sammy says:

    Good to have ya back on the air!!!!

  2. knob noster bill says:

    you ARE the FREAK my bro!
    looking forward to your continued blend of humor and information
    have a great show
    you ARE the man
    thank you for everything and “are you going to put that shirt back”

    ROCK ON!!!!!

    LOVE YOU!!!!!

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